Supplier invoices can be easily validated against Springboard’s reports which are produced using the suppliers own destination names and dial prefixes.

  • True costs are reported on, not best estimates.
  • Support for multiple currencies, time bands and time zones.
  • CDRs can be extracted from the system should they be required to resolve billing disputes.

Springboard’s gross profit reporting provides in-depth analysis of traffic margins in near real time with drill down functionality.

  • Breakage and Loss making destinations are easily identifiable.

​In-Depth filter options allow for further refintement on the following levels;

  • ​Product Distributor
  • DDI Country
  • Class and Number

SIM Status Report - Provdes a snapshot of SIM Distributor, Product and MSISDN information. Trans Analysis provides;

  • Summary
  • Distributor / Excl. Distributor

Inactive subscriber reports provides information on last used and remaining credit balances.

​The report also includes further refinement options;

  • ​SIM Distributor
  • Products

​All reports have Export functionality.