Minutes Analysis includes various reports in order to stay on top of your business.

Summary Reports are avilable and may be further refined by; 

  • Customer / Supplier
  • Trunk
  • ISDN Cause Code
  • ANI Source

Retail Analysis will provide the opportunity to view reports at Date, Product, Distributor and down to Destination level.

​Retail DDI Analysis includes further detailed reporting at the following levels;

  • Inbound Country
  • DDI Class
  • DDI Number
  • ​Destination

Allows users to configure a wide array of benchmarks which will assist in maintaining certain levels of service quality. With the option to include rounding, some of these benchmarks include;

  • Number of Calls
  • ASR Values
  • MHT / ACD Values

​Benchmark types are broken down into Customer, Supplier and Destination levels. On-Screen updates as well as uploads allow for convenient configurations.
Benchmark Analysis displays a direct comparison of your actual ASR and MHT figures against your benchmarks.

Springboard provides a number of standard alerts/notifications covering the various different areas of the system as well as more specific, user configurable monitoring and alarming.

  • Configure specific users to receive each alert, group email addresses supported.
  • Alerting is provided for, but not limited to, the following: traffic quality, benchmarking, balance monitoring, loss making destinations and rate changes.
  • Configure alerts at various frequencies, day/s of week or time of day.
  • Configure Alerts for single or multiple users.