Minutes reporting is an important part of any solution and all reports have graphical functionality, enabling users to analyse figures in multiple formats. All reports are easily exported.

  • Near real time reporting on traffic quality ensures informed decisions.
  • Drill down functionality, data can be broken down per hour.
  • View reports by Customer, Supplier, Country, Destination and Prefix Level.
  • View reports from ANI Source.
  • Complete CDR extracts are also available for in depth analysis.

Statistical Grid

The statistical grid provides an easy to read report which will highlight traffic above or below defined criteria.
View statistics for every 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes intervals for;

  • Customers only
  • Suppliers only
  • Customer and Supplier
  • Destinations only

Traffic Alarms

Email alarms can be created for a wide range of different criteria. These can be applied at Country, Destination and/or Prefix level and can be further refined to run at various intervals.

Benchmark reporting enables users to set benchmarks for acceptable quality. The reports highlight benchmarks that are not being met as well as those that are being exceeded. Specified users will also receive email alerts on a daily basis.

Springboard provides a number of standard alerts/notifications covering the various different areas of the system as well as more specific, user configurable monitoring and alarming.

  • Configure specific users to receive each alert, group email addresses supported.
  • Alerting is provided for, but not limited to, the following: traffic quality, benchmarking, balance monitoring, loss making destinations and rate changes.
  • Configure alerts at various frequencies, day/s of week or time of day.
  • Configure Alerts for single or multiple users.