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Springboard Launches API Capabilities for DID to Simplify and Accelerate Number Management

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Service Providers can rapidly integrate DID management into existing systems and seamlessly deliver numbers to enterprise customers

London, UK, 14 March 2023 – Springboard, a provider of business intelligence solutions for the telecoms industry, has launched APIs that enable users to rapidly deploy Direct Inward Dialling (DID) management capabilities. Tier 1 carriers, regional service providers, MNOs, and MVNOs can easily manage their ordering, porting and number inventory via these APIs with leading global DID providers. MNOs and service providers gain a simplified and agile way to immediately access numbers and deliver them to enterprises for rapid quote to cash.

With this latest integration, Springboard is expanding the cloud-based functions it offers customers managing and delivering global numbers using its single, easy-to-use platform. The process of numbering, porting, ordering and rate management can be streamlined and service providers can take an omnichannel approach to increasing the intelligence of their operations. Springboard’s latest development will ensure every service provider has access to a flexible and automated voice and messaging solution that creates new revenue opportunities.

“Network APIs and the development API ecosystem in telecoms is ramping up. Announcements from the GSMA and world-leading hysperscalers show that there’s an appetite for APIs across our industry. Our customers now have access to a customisable model that suits their individual requirements without needing additional resources. We’re increasing operational efficiency and going the extra mile at no added cost to deliver a first-class service,” said Andrew Whitelaw, Founder and CEO at Springboard. “Our team is continually listening, collaborating and co-creating new features in partnership with our customers.”

At the same time, Springboard has launched its integrated number and billing validation capabilities for local and global service providers. These features are available directly through Springboard’s comprehensive platform, removing the need for service providers to adopt third-party solutions as Origin-Based Rating (OBR) grows. Customers can keep track of evolving prices and regulations to avoid penalty surcharges impacting their gross margins. With this latest integration, Springboard is furthering its 360° approach to streamlining business operations.

“What we are seeing amongst service providers is a disconnect between viewing traffic and actually being able to take ownership and benefit from it. Across Europe, OBR is becoming more common and resulting in varied pricing. Two calls from the same location can easily have two different prices depending on the originating destination giving service providers a nasty bill shock. With regulations constantly changing, a more holistic approach is needed,” said Whitelaw. “We’re taking our traffic analysis capabilities to the next level to provide customers with maximised business intelligence and protect them from revenue losses.”

This launch follows the company's partnership with XConnect, a Somos Company, the supplier of world-class numbering intelligence solutions, to deploy its Global Number Range and Status Live services. With access to data on over 20,000 operators and over 250 country codes covered, Springboard is removing the difficulties of finding a partner with the right capabilities to address OBR.


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